How I Made $1,000 From Freelance Writing

EW ICONWriting has always seemed like a good pastime, and I was happy to make $20 per day, working 5 days a week. So when I met a gentleman by name of Bamidele Onibalusi, I was astonished to see his simple step by step process of helping beginners to earn $1,000 in 60days. There were just four steps in his strategy, which made me want to learn more. Follow below:

  1. Build a writer website
  2. Build social proof by posting on authority blogs
  3. Search for clients through cold pitching(prospecting)
  4. Track results

(I think he forgot WRITING)

You can check it out here:

I set out to follow the steps and want to journal my journey until the day I will have $1000 purely from writing. So here goes,

Sept: Total Earnings – $0

My pitching is still very slow, but I can see great improvement since I finished my website. HINT: You should make your website as soon as you can.

17th – Decided to post THIS progress post so as to motivate myself to pitch more and have something to report at the end of each day.

16th – Published my first blog post on website. This was completely unrelated to my writing niches, but heck! Something had to be said.

Sent 1 pitch to a local client – a trend setter who I likely to know others that need my service.

(So far I have pitched 1 local newspaper, 1 continental magazine, 5 publications from the lists of websites and publications that pay writers, 2 local trendsetting personalities, and 3 jobs on job boards)

14th – I receive a response to my previous day pitch.  The editor chose one of my topics. Though he didn’t promise to buy the article, I am happy to have passed the first stage.

13th – Got a response to one of the pitches I had sent on the 8th, unfortunately the editor informed me he was not interested in any of my topics.  I send four more topics for his perusal.

12th – Applied to two blogging jobs from a job board.

8th – Pitched two blogs, applied to one job from a job board.

6th – Wrote one article for local publication, and sent it to a trendsetter to gather more information, correction, and channeling.

5th – Pitched one local print magazine, and one digital publication.

2nd – I bought a domain name from NameCheap and arranged for hosting. My freelance site is hosted by Spike Wyatt, but all my other websites are on Ehost.

August: Total Earnings – $0

As you can see, I did not do any real pitching in August, partly because I had not worked on my website.Though, it should not be a barrier,as you may be lucky to get responses even on free mail like I did.

By the end of august, I had made two “pitches”and published one article.

24th I reached out to a lady that I want to interview for The Sun. I got her mobile number but haven’t managed to reach her. I am still looking for a chance to interview her.

5th – I published my first article on the Huffington Post. It was a motivational/personal development article. You may read it here:

4th – I received Arianna’s approval and set up my password for HF

4th – I sent my pitch to Huffington editor, Arianna Huffington, from my Google account.

I started my action about a week late, after watching from the sidelines.

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