How Go Daddy Stole My Domain Name

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Before I give you the story of how go daddy stole my domain name, let me tell you where it all began. A few weeks ago,(In October or September last year) I decided to take my affiliate marketing training down to the people. This was after being bombarded by different requests from those who were looking for jobs and wanted me to teach them how to write online. Am sure you must wondering how this all fits in with the domain issue but just be patient

Which Is Better Between Freelance Writing and Affiliate Marketing?

Online writing is a very good venture. In fact, the first three years of my online life were spent as a freelancer. Anyone with a basic understanding of English can make a living by writing web content, reviews, descriptions and other simple articles.

However, affiliate marketing offers a better if not the best way to make money online. So I would tell them, I will teach you to write, but also let’s find a way to monetize your content. And this was my strategy. You must be wondering how this all fits in with how GoDaddy stole my domain name

Affiliate Marketing: The 21 Day Boot camp

I decided to develop a 21 day affiliate marketing training boot camp and participate in it as well so that I could check if my training was all that. You see previously, I was not putting a time limit on my work seeing as for me it is a full time business.

Step 1: Identify a Product

So the first step was to look for a new product which I did from my sell health network. The second step was to register a domain name and I wasn’t very sure which registrar would best serve my students. So I went on different webhosts that offer free domain name to compare prices and test the checkout process. And that is how I ended up on GoDaddy where they ask you to put in your domain name first before choosing your package.

Step 2: Identify What Works

You see, I did not want to just bombard people with information that would be of no use to them. Rather, I wanted to give people a real business they could put their energies into and make a living online. There has been a slump in employment in my country Kenya for almost 5 years now with more and more graduates finding themselves jobless.

Step 3: Register Your Domain

So I tried out GoDaddy and out of the blue I decided to register one of the domains I had singled out, just to check how many characters I would have in the name. I was aware that I could change the name again before check out. Before I could finish the process I got an email from my mentor asking me to check out ehost so I put the process on hold as I looked for the different reviews.

Step 4: Host Your Domain

Ehost has a very attractive check out page and offers monthly payment option which I found very attractive. You see many people may not have the funds to put into a yearly payment plan. Others may not want to commit for so long before assessing the service. So this made sense to me as well. I have since discovered a few other hosts that offer monthly payment options. Ehost also offers up to 70% discount on the first plan with one free domain name for life.  However, I do not recommend getting a free domain from any provider because when you choose to move hosting, they often charge higher fees for domain transfer.

To see Ehost features, follow: Ehost

Moreover, I discovered many negative reviews on go daddy here. I took time off to review each of the webhosts and give my students the best options available.

Step 5: Compare Hosting

In my hurry to register a domain and get to begin the challenge, I may have overlooked the comparison step. Though in my defence, I can say I had fully settled on GoDaddy as it is a popular hosting and domain seller.

Hooray! I Found NameCheap

So after reading a lot of reviews online I came across this offer by Name cheap for $5.88 on .com domains. I have read a lot of positive reports about Namecheap and I decide to take the domain name I had used earlier and figure out some content for it. Name cheap hosting costs around $0.82 per month. I have not done a full review on it but once I do I will put it up here.

Knock-Out: My Domain is Already Taken By GoDaddy

Unfortunately, when I put in my desired domain, it showed that it was not available. I checked the Whois information and saw that it had been registered by GoDaddy. In horror, I remembered how another blogger had shared a similar experience. That is how I came to the realization that GoDaddy actually stole my domain name.

Conclusion: The Best Place To Buy Domains is Namecheap

You should only buy names from NameCheap and get free Whois protection for the first year. Be careful when buying anything from GoDaddy as you may find yourself losing a very friendly name to their cheap tactics.

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