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Here are The Markers of False Prophets I Picked Up at The August Preyer Conference

As a writer, God has given me a special privilege to communicate ideas and make money from writing. I have struggled to make a decision to share this until I realized I owe it to myself and to you, my readers to share knowledge. Moreover, if I fail to disclose this, I will have failed to achieve God’s purpose in letting me attend this conference and revealing to me what was going wrong. Here are the markers of False prophets I picked up at the conference:

Markers of Fake Preachers 1: Deliberate Lying and Twisting Scripture

Masters at camouflage and confusion, they know each scripture whose meaning is unclear and they use these with amazing result. Claiming that if you give to those who are at your level does not earn you anything is in direct contradiction to Proverbs 28:27. Using worthy like a worthy sacrifice, seed planting, going to higher levels they engage that part of your mind that obviously desires better. I have attended a previous meeting where this man shared how he planted $10,000 in one of the big overseas ministries and from that, he got a gift of a house. On this particular day, he shared about how he planted some amount (he plants in dollars) and it earned him a top range vehicle.  This would be all good, if the people in his crowd, those who run his affairs and projects could at least have lunch. Do they?

Markers of Fake Preachers 2: Hypocrisy

When the time to milk the people came, this man decided to switch language and use Swahili which I believe was intended to keep out the international audience. Only Kenyans can be gullible enough to believe that giving to the poor is a bad thing – and giving to the rich is a good thing. The practice of reading snippets of scripture that favor your view over others could also be referred to as hypocrisy because you are not really sharing the word but using it as a means to an end.

Markers of Fake Preachers 3: Lack of Accountability

How can anyone organize a high profile conference and forget to have a schedule of sessions? Or Budget? The answer is simple – the conference is not the main agenda but only a means to an end. Not only does this show disrespect to the people, it also shows God is not involved because God is one of order. The second point of unaccountability was the constant fundraisers, at the end of each session without anyone sharing why they are collecting money – or how much.

While it is right to believe that a lot of money was spent in organizing the conference, a lot of money is not a number that is applicable in accounting. Yes, we know churches have their own accountants, but as you raise money from people, you ought to then give them a figure. Even when the temple was being built in Israel, there was accounting and the contributions are recorded in 1 Chronicles 29:7. It is disconcerting to see people on the streets stranded or begging for fare simply because they have been manipulated to offer every last cent they had including their fare.

Markers of Fake Preachers 4: Coercing and Manipulating People

When someone stands up at offering time and starts saying things like, “if you offer 100 to God, be prepared to accept blessings worth 100”, or “if you need God to raise your earnings, learn to tithe at your desired earning level” In Malachi 3:10, God asks for tithe, not prospective tithe. And this amount is meant to be 10% if one reads the beginning of tithe in Numbers 18:21. Moreover in 1 Corinthians 9: 6-7, God loves a cheerful giver not a stranded or coerced giver. While people can offer to God as much as they would like, NO ONE should coerce them be purporting to have new revelation that is not supported by scripture.

I do believe there’s a need to give, but no one should purport to use the name of God to coerce people to give their last cent. As a shepherd, I believe he also ought to remind people to ensure they have enough for fare, rather than have people stranded on the streets of Nairobi at night.

Markers of Fake Preachers 5: Selfishness

In Deuteronomy 25:4 the bible clearly states that “you should not muzzle an ox while it is treading grain” so how is I that a Christian minister hires people for service and decides not to take care of their feeding? It was disconcerting to see praise team members weak and unable to perform as they should simply because they were hungry. If God can give you funds for hosting and feeding delegates, then surely he can also give us funds to feed 10 – 30 praise team members. Doesn’t the Bible say to start ministry in Jerusalem?

Markers of Fake Preachers 6:Offer Non- Existent Services

Jesus, the greatest minister of all time, and Paul the apostle are the best examples of Christian ministry. When a preacher asks you to carry your clothes, CV, Certificates, Passports etc kindly ask them where in the Bible we find such examples. God is too big to fit into a box that says “next week we shall perform miracles” but at all times, prayer is what we are asked to offer. Like in Luke you don’t have to be in close proximity for someone to pray for you and certainly no one needs to place hands on your documents.

Markers of Fake Preachers 7:Charging For Services

Many times, this minister invites guest preachers who claim they have revelations that people should pay a certain amount of money to have prayers for specific problems. At the close of last year and early this year, we were told to pay Ksh 3,000 to have our children prayed for. Aside from asking for money, you may hear preachers saying, “We are praying for candidates or the sick, come forth with so many shillings”. In fact, any time someone mentions an amount of money you need to have to get served, note you are now in a market place. God’s blessings are free and you don’t need to pay for them. Moreover, you can pray for your needs and God will hear. The only place I know where one should ask for prayer is as given in James 5:14 for the sick. Note prayer is by elders and not apostles or pastors (they will still lie to you that they are elders).


Markers of Fake Preachers 8:Have More Defenders Than Believers Following Them

Last but not least, these preachers are mostly surrounded by a big crowd of “defenders” and “protectors”. They will lynch you for mentioning that something is amiss, they also keep him (or her) un-accessible. You will know this when you hear something that is completely out of line with the bible, and they cheer!! These crowds are often made up of relatives and other people who live to eat the crumbs at the master’s table. They never place advertisements to hire -their employees are often unqualified relatives, or other people who suck up and give up all opinion and self-dignity. They are paid lowly to match –with salaries often delayed or withheld. Instead of planting congregations like Paul and leaving them to mature – with simple guidance, they instead plant dominions where their word is law – and not the Bible.

It must be confusing to keep hearing different things from different people caiming to have the direct line to God. I challenge you today to cut out all the noise and learn to study the bible on your own by joining Bible Study Fellowship. It is available in your city -or a city near you. Moreover, I have listened to and would recommend that you look for Pastor Jon Courson’s Audio Bible Series. He is a no-bullshit bible teacher not given to the sway of others. If you would like me to pray with you, please connect with me on Facebook.

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