How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

8-ways-to-make-money-writing Tired of writing so much and earning so little or nothing at all?

Time and again, people ask me how they can make money from writing. Many people do not think that writing is a career and in fact my profession of choice. Long before I launched my professional writing website, I was earning a cool $20 per day from writing. There are several ways to make money in your freelance writing career, and I may not exhaust them so in this article we cover the 8 ways that you can use writing to make money.




Here, I use freelancing widely to refer to accepting payment in return for writing whatever a client wants. One thing to note is you have to be very fast and very good at it. Since I took a break from writing I still get some former clients requesting me to do articles for them. Why? I am reliable. I respect deadlines. I do thorough research, and I do high quality articles. That is why I can be able to earn $ 1 for 100 words while some people earn $1 for 250 words. In the beginning you may have to start small in order to gain experience, get reviews and know more people. Once you have proved yourself, you can negotiate for the pay you deserve. Check projects available on freelancer to get an idea of this




This is an interesting way to capture audience and make money. You can start writing on a free blog like, Choose an interesting topic to write about and be consistent. You can then advertise your business on the blog or sell ad space. Some people make money through google adverts that are placed on their blog. Blogs can further be used to advertise other sites that you are a member of. An interesting example of a blog I follow is Blondies Lounge

Point of note: It may not be possible to make lots of money from free blogs so once you generate a readership and become confident of your writing, you may consider buying a domain name and install wordpress CMS for your self-hosted blog.



More and more people have discovered the power of reading. When I first got into the online job market, I had no idea that eBooks are written by people like me. No hullabaloo about the “most acclaimed author”, no publishers and finally no printers. How easy! A book that would go for $10 at least in hard copy now retails online at just $2. No middlemen, no bookstores. Just digital product websites.

You can choose any topic of course ensuring there are enough people interested in your topic. There are classics such as business, dating, entrepreneurship, parenting, relationships, weight loss, healthy eating etc. You can never go wrong with these.


Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing involves either recruiting people into a network or selling products. Newbies may mistakenly think that all you need to sell online is an affiliate link. Wrong! You need to captivate your audience through informative articles. These can be posted on a blog or mailing list.


Mailing Lists


This is an excellent way to gain followers and then market to them whatever else you are selling. If you get into a traffic exchange, you get access to thousands of people on email. How do you capture their interests? Write or find a way to get high quality articles. This way you can get them to sin up to your mailing list and then pull them into your business.




Write very interesting articles or eBooks (or get someone to write for you). Give them away as free gifts to those who sign up on your site or those who buy your products. This is an excellent motivator and may enhance your ability to get sign ups or make sales.


Article directories


Many writers put up their articles on directories to attract readers to their site. If you have a marketing website this is a great strategy because the article markets your expertise and captures readers. When you get your articles on authority sites,you will most likely receive high quality backlinks that will grow your sales and your site rankings.


Guest Posting On Sites That Pay


Whether you are a new to freelance writing or you are an established voice, guest posting could be a great addition to your resume. There are many publications that pay writers for guest posts and you are able to reach more people with your posts. Some of these sites pay as much as $1000 per article and this is quite something!



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